This is Ireland Blogging

Welcome to Ireland’s most flexible and outward-facing community blog.

Hello world. This is Ireland Blogging…

Our brand new community blog is the perfect place to share interesting, inspiring and entertaining stories about Ireland.

Get involved

Every story published on Ireland Blogging is visible to the whole world. Anyone can post to our blog, and every story published will be credited to its contributor. If you would like to become a contributor, all you need is a WordPress profile, plus some Ireland stories to tell.

We aim to make the Ireland Blogging experience as easy, flexible and successful for you as possible. Maybe you are already an established Ireland blogger on WordPress or on another platform. Maybe you are working on your very first blog post. Or perhaps social media is more your thing. Either way, we are here to help your stories reach the people who want to read them.

Specialist News Hubs

Every article published on Ireland Blogging will also be shared as a separate post on one of our specialist News Hub websites. This will bring each story straight to the attention of the people who most want to read it.


Each Ireland Blogging article will also have at least two categories assigned to it. One of these categories will be the relevant region in Ireland (or all-Ireland) and one will be the relevant specialist topic.

Keep up-to-date

To receive email notifications when new articles are published on the Ireland Blogging platform, please follow us by clicking one of the “Follow” buttons we have placed at the top and bottom of every page. New articles are also announced on the following social media feeds:



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