Ireland High Points Week: Slieve Gullion and Carrigatuke

Kieron Gribbon heads to south Armagh for a spot of Highpointeering on Day 5 of Ireland High Points Week 2018.

Having left my sons to crèche and school for the day, I immediately set off down the A1 towards Newry. A quick stop for a coffee along the way allowed me to finish the “Is Highpointeering a sport?” article for the High Point Ireland News Hub. Then, back on the road to arrive at the highest car park in Slieve Gullion Forest Park.

Following the well-defined path, I arrived at Slieve Gullion summit in about 45 minutes. I would have finished a lot sooner if I hadn’t stopped so often to admire the views. Highpointeering brings with it the longest and widest possible views available in Ireland.

At the top, I had a lengthy chat with a very friendly local man from Forkhill. Our conversation mainly focused on our jobs, Brexit, the border, Highpointeering and the Ring of Gullion’s geological story. Between us, we identified Counties Armagh, Down, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Tyrone, Antrim and (possibly) Derry from the summit.

On the way down, I was surprised to pass a very well-dressed wedding party on their way up. Three of the men were carrying a large box, which I suspect was full of food.

Back at the car, I set off towards Carrigatuke. After about half an hour, I arrived at what is possibly the easiest High Point to visit in Ireland. To ensure there was some kind of challenge involved, I chose to park at the furthest corner of the car park. I believe it may actually be possible to touch the trig pillar without having to leave your car.

The summit has an ugly mast compound, and the final few hundred metres of road leading to it are very rough, but the views make the visit worthwhile. Plenty of counties visible from this one too.

Overall, a very enjoyable day of Highpointeering in glorious sunshine.

Both visits logged using the Peakhunter app.

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