Quick High Points in Louth, Wexford, Cork and Waterford

Patrick O’Brien tells us how he and his son Dillon fit in some quick High Point visits at the end of a busy summer.

A visit to Drogheda on the 18 August for the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil gave us an opportunity to go a few miles northwards to log Mount Oriel, a High Point in County Louth. We parked at the end of the service road and made our way through a couple of fields beside the friendly cattle to reach the trig pillar in the middle of the mast compound. It was a misty morning but we still had some nice views of the surrounding countryside and took a few pictures before returning to the Fleadh Cheoil for the weekend.

The following week we were in Duncannon in Wexford for a few days and had our eye on Forth Mountain near Wexford town to add another High Point to our list. I had checked the location and we were able to drive almost to the top following a mast service road. No need for any walking gear here, within a minute or two we were standing at the trig pillar logging our visit on Peakhunter before racing back to the car again to avoid an oncoming downpour.

On Saturday 08 September, bad weather forced us to change plans to visit Moylussa in Clare. Instead we went to a CoderDojo class in Glanmire while the rain lashed down outside. Following the class we used Peakhunter and Goggle Maps to find the highest point in Cork City Council, Knocknaheeny and found the High Point close to the water tower in the area. The rain had eased so we logged it on Peakhunter and managed to get out to get some pictures.

We then decided to head for Cobh, hoping the rain would ease some more. Luckily it did, allowing us to have lunch looking out on the harbour before heading to an area called “Fairyland Forest” that we had picked as a possible access point to “Great Island” the High Point in the area. We walked along the fairy trail bringing us to a point right across from the High Point according to Peakhunter. Crossing two fields we reached the unmarked point and logged it. We returned by the same route admiring the fairy trail some more on or way.

The following day we were at the Vee in the Knockmealdowns watching the supercars of the Cannonball Run for a few hours. Following the event we collected Josephine and headed towards Clashmore in County Waterford to log Carronadavderg. A short walk to the mast compound gave us great views towards Dungarvan and An Rinn.  On the road back down to the car we could see all the way across the Knockmealdowns and even a part of Galtymore peeked up from behind them while The Commeraghs were visible to our right. Looking left a small portion of the Blackwater shone in the evening sunlight.

Seems like wherever we go there is a High Point location waiting for us to log. It is exciting ticking them off one by one. So far this year we have logged 41 different Highpoints in all four provinces of Ireland. We have a goal in mind for the year, but who knows, when we reach it we might go beyond that too.

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