Trio of High Points on Beara

Patrick, Josephine and Johnny and Dillon logged three High Points on the Beara Peninsula recently. Patrick tells us about the hikes here.

Hungry Hill was the last of the Essential High Points we had left to complete. It’s hard to believe we could be in Dublin quicker than the time it would take to reach the spot on the Healy Pass to begin this climb, even though it is still in County Cork.

Collecting Johnny and Josephine in Mitchelstown we were blessed with a great day again and I was impressed with The Healy Pass having never been there before. We parked at the highest spot on the pass, near Dan’s Mountain Cabin and just on the Cork Kerry border.

Beara Highpointeering

Slightly up from Dan’s Cabin we took a left onto the open mountain and along the fairly straightforward route towards Hungry Hill. The route can be quite boggy in parts but we stayed away from those areas as much as possible keeping our eye on Peakhunter to ensure we were heading in the right direction. The real climbing began when we finally arrived at the edge of Hungry Hill as there was a sharp decent first and the terrain was now quiet rough with lots of steep rocky ridges.

Beara Highpointeering

Soon enough we could see the trig pillar across the relatively flat top. We met a few Germans at the top as we logged our visit and took pictures.

Beara Highpointeering

We set off to return using the same route and as we got off the main outcrop of rock we met a few eager mountain bikers seeking our advice about reaching the summit. We were glad to return to the car to have our lunch having a distance of 11.5 KM covered for the round trip over four and a half hours. We enjoyed great views for the entire walk.

Beara Highpointeering

Outstanding views during the Hungry Hill Hike

It would be rude not to log Knockowen which was a walk on the opposite side of the Healy Pass and we could proceed without even moving the car. We set off with the odd gradual climb on route and a short steeper climb for the summit. The wind was very strong at the top so we quickly logged it and started our return to the car. Thankfully once we got off the height of the summit the wind was gone again.

Beara Highpointeering

Johnny points out a few Buzzards on the summit of Knockowen

Our third for the day was almost another hour away bringing us further from home again. However Knockoura was a short walk without much height gain so it was ideal to finish off the day. Be careful not to waste time going looking for the High Point at the mast compound as it is further on following the rough road keeping the compound to your left. We had a great sunset for this walk and beautiful views including Dursey Island.

Beara Highpointeering

Lovely sunset from Knockoura

Beara Highpointeering

Dursey Island

Beara Highpointeering

Knockoura Trig Pillar

It was a long drive home stopping off briefly for some food. A great sense of achievement again completing the Essential List and logging three more unique High Points bringing our count to over fifty for this year.

More details and pictures on Dillon’s blog


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