#IrelandTrigPillar photos (by Kieron Gribbon)

As part of The Ireland Walking Guide’s #NovemberTrigWalk theme, Kieron Gribbon shares some of his #IrelandTrigPillar photos.

I was a map addict long before I became a hillwalker. Even though I hadn’t yet set foot in the Irish uplands, I knew those little triangular symbols on the maps represented something special in the real world. 

Below I have compiled a photo log of the trig pillars I have visited over the years up to and including the year 2018.

(As a result of this blog post, all of the trig pillars below have now been marked as verified on The Ireland Walking Guide‘s dedicated Google Map.)

Slievemartin (485m)

Mourne Mountains, County Down

2007-10-06 Slievemartin 485m

(Photo taken on 6th October 2007)

Lugnaquillia Mountain (925m)

Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow

2008-09-27 Lugnaquillia Mountain 925m

(Photo taken on 27th September 2008)

Black Hill (360m)

Belfast Hills, County Antrim

2009-03-01 Black Hill 360m

(Photo taken on 1st March 2009)

Binevenagh (385m)

Sperrin Mountains, County Derry

2009-04-04 Binevenagh 385m

(Photo taken on 4th April 2009)

Slievenaslat (272m)

Dromara Hills, County Down

2010-01-03 Slievenaslat 272m

(Photo taken on 3rd January 2010)

Slieve Gullion (573m)

Slieve Gullion Hills, County Armagh

2010-05-08 Slieve Gullion 573m

(Photo taken on 8th May 2010)

Cupidstown Hill (379m)

Wicklow Mountains, County Kildare

2010-06-05 Cupidstown Hill 379m

(Photo taken on 5th June 2010)

Knockboy (706m)

Shehy Mountains, Counties Cork & Kerry

2010-06-08 Knockboy 706m

(Photo taken on 8th June 2010)

Knockmealdown (793m)

Knockmealdown Mountains, Counties Tipperary & Waterford

2010-06-11 Knockmealdown 793m

(Photo taken on 11th June 2010)

Galtymore Mountain (918m)

Galty Mountains, Counties Limerick & Tipperary

2010-06-12 Galtymore Mountain 918m

(Photo taken on 12th June 2010)

Cuilcagh (665m)

Cuilcagh Mountains, Counties Cavan & Fermanagh

2010-08-07 Cuilcagh 665m

(Photo taken on 7th August 2010)

Slieve Donard (853m)

Mourne Mountains, County Down

2010-08-14 Slieve Donard 853m

(Photo taken on 14th August 2010)

Sawel Mountain (678m)

Sperrin Mountains, Counties Derry & Tyrone

2010-09-03 Sawel Mountain 678m

(Photo taken on 3rd September 2010)

Benbaun (729m)

The Twelve Bens, County Galway

2010-10-16 Benbaun 729m

(Photo taken on 16th October 2010)

Truskmore (647m)

Dartry Mountains Northwest, County Sligo

2010-11-06 Truskmore 647m

(Photo taken on 6th November 2010)

Corn Hill (278m)

North Midland Hills, County Longford

2010-11-16 Corn Hill 278m

(Photo taken on 16th November 2010)

Slieve Foye (589m)

Cooley Mountains, County Louth

2011-02-01-1 Slieve Foye 589m

(Photo taken on 1st February 2011)

Barnavave (350m)

Cooley Mountains, County Louth

2011-02-01-2 Barnavave 350m

(Photo taken on 1st February 2011)

Brandon Hill (515m)

Brandon Hills, County Kilkenny

2011-04-07 Brandon Hill 515m

(Photo taken on 7th April 2011)

Mount Leinster (794m)

Blackstair Mountains, Counties Carlow & Wexford

2011-04-08 Mount Leinster 794m

(Photo taken on 8th April 2011)

Kippure (757m)

Wicklow Mountains, Counties Dublin & Wicklow

2011-04-10 Kippure 757m

(Photo taken on 10th April 2011)

Middle Town (109m)

Malin Head Hills, County Donegal

2011-06-18 Middle Town 109m

(Photo taken on 18th June 2011)

Slieve Croob (534m)

Dromara Hills, County Down

2011-07-24 Slieve Croob 534m

(Photo taken on 24th July 2011)

Gleninagh Mountain (317m)

The Burren Hills, County Clare

2011-08-17 Gleninagh Mountain 317m

(Photo taken on 17th August 2011)

Slieve Gallion (528m)

Sperrin Mountains, County Derry

2012-02-25 Slieve Gallion 528m

(Photo taken on 25th February 2012)

Divis (478m)

Belfast Hills, County Antrim

2013-08-19 Divis 478m

(Photo taken on 19th August 2013)

Black Mountain (390m)

Belfast Hills, County Antrim

2014-10-12 Black Mountain 390m

(Photo taken on 12th October 2014)

Slieve Muck (670m)

Mourne Mountains, County Down

2017-04-02 Slieve Muck 670m

(Photo taken on 2nd April 2017)


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