Baraveha: source of the Blackwater

Patrick O’Brien tells us about a recent visit to Baraveha – the highest point in the Mullaghareirk Mountains.

17 Nov 2018: 

My son Dillon and I were heading for Ballydesmond to the source of the Blackwater and a nearby High Point at Baraveha

I had read that “The Source of the Blackwater” trail was an easy way to access this High Point but that due to the construction of a wind farm the walk was currently closed. We said we would go for a look anyway and were surprised to find the forest entrance open when we arrived.


We used Peakhunter to drive to a spot close to the High Point which was right at the base of turbine one. This was slightly higher than the actual source of the Blackwater, a spot referenced by others as good access to the open mountain to reach the top.




It was misty as we walked the single kilometre across quite boggy ground to the High Point marked by a single iron bar in the ground by a fence. With very little visibility we logged the High Point on Peakhunter and made our way back to the car.


I guess the access issues will be sorted once the wind farm is finished and the loop walk returns to normal but for now it remains officially closed.

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