Seefin Mountain, our closest High Point

Patrick O’Brien takes us around the Black Rock Loop to visit Seefin Mountain, his closest High Point.

Johnny, Rachel, Dillon and I all set off from the Ballyhoura Bike Trails car park following purple signs for the Black Rock Loop and Seefin Mountain.


Initially the loop crosses the L1329 onto a smaller road roofed with old oak and beech overlooking Glenosheen, Castle Oliver and further on, Slievereagh, Kilcruig and the Galty Mountains.



Shortly after the route turns right onto an even smaller road and finally onto a stone paved road not suitable for cars until again bringing you across the L1329 to a small layby at the base of Long Mountain. This is often used for fast access to the mountain but has been known to have some break ins and vandalism to some cars in the past.

There is a clear track to the top of Long Mountain and a short detour to the right will reward you with a cairn and great views of Co. Limerick once again. However to reach the High Point of Seefin Mountain you need to continue straight on and downhill until you see a boardwalk to the left. The Black Rock Loop continues straight but about 30 minutes over and back using the boardwalk will get you to the High Point.


We logged the visit on Peakhunter, took some pictures and returned to the Black Rock Loop to continue our walk. In the past the loop continued past the summit but boggy conditions forced the route change for the last few years. Be careful because some maps including the one at the trailhead show the old route while the purple arrows follow the new layout.

As we continued, the next section passes underneath an outcrop of rock that gives its name to the loop and reminds us of an area you would expect Indians to appear to attack Cowboys in an old western.

There is then a section of forest road for a few kilometers before returning to a narrow trail through conifer forest passing a beautiful waterfall and finally through amazing mature oak and beech woodland and back to the car park.

It costs €5 on exit of the car park unless you have a Coillte Access Card.


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