The future of Ireland Blogging

The primary goal of the Ireland Blogging platform is to help bloggers share their Ireland stories. But what do you think is the best approach?

Going forward, we see two possible ways to help bloggers share their stories via the Ireland Blogging platform.

1.  Community blog

By continuing to publish contributors’ stories as blog posts on the Ireland Blogging platform. Each post is fully credited to its author, plus each author gets his or her own personal blog home page. This is a great solution for bloggers who do not have their own blog.

2.  Bloggers network

By setting up an all-Ireland bloggers network to promote individual third-party blogs. Each recommended blog would have to focus on Ireland as its primary core topic. Bloggers would bring their individual stories to our attention on social media if they want us to share them. We would then link to those stories from Ireland Blogging and its social media feeds. We would also share them on other relevant social media feeds (e.g. The Ireland Walking Guide, The Ireland Travel Guide, High Point Ireland, etc). This is a great solution for bloggers who already have their own blog.

Take part in our poll

Let us know how you think we should share bloggers stories in the future by taking part in the simple poll below.

We hope to gather opinions from as many people as possible, so please do feel free to share this poll.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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