Ireland Blogging: rebooted

Welcome to the all new and improved Ireland Blogging community platform. 

As part of our flexible and outward-facing community approach to blogging, our primary goal is to help promote the work of Ireland bloggers in whatever ways we can.

When Ireland Blogging was first launched in June 2018, our initial approach was to publish blog posts submitted by registered contributors.

In February 2019, we asked our followers to tell us, via a poll on Twitter, how they would like Ireland Blogging to develop in the future.

Based on the results of that poll, we have decided to change how we share and promote your stories.

Ireland Blogging Network

Every day, bloggers post very interesting and entertaining stories about Ireland on their own blogs. Unfortunately, many of those blog posts are receiving far less views, likes and shares than they deserve. We want to help change that by introducing the new Ireland Blogging Network.

The Ireland Blogging Network has been set up to help connect Ireland bloggers with a wider audience. At first glance, Ireland Blogging and its social media feeds may not appear to have enough of a followership to make a difference. However, Ireland Blogging is part of an expanding family of websites, each focusing on a specialist core topic with its own Twitter and Facebook presence. The plan is, and always has been, to involve our other websites (and their social feeds) to help bring the right stories to the right audience.

For example, our The Ireland Walking Guide website now has more than 9,000 followers on Twitter (@IrelandWalking). It is, in fact, the most followed Irish walk-related account on Twitter.

In the future, when the URL of a walk-related blog post announcement is tweeted to the @IrelandBlogging and @IrelandWalking accounts on Twitter, it will then be retweeted by both.

Core topics

We are here to promote Ireland-related blog posts which are informative and entertaining. These can be about any topic, but we are particularly interested in the following core topics:

Other core topics may be added to this list in the future…

Get your blog listed

If you manage a blog whose content focuses primarily on Ireland, we invite you to get it listed on our Network Members page. We can only promote a blog on our websites and social media accounts if its owner chooses to list it as an Ireland Blogging Network member.

Bulletins and newsletters

Each of the core topics we feature on Ireland Blogging has its very own standalone News Hub. We will be posting monthly bulletins on each News Hub to help promote blog posts related to its specialist topic. 

We will be re-introducing the Ireland Blogging monthly newsletter from May 2019. This will include links to our core topic monthly bulletins.

Social media announcements

We will share new blog post announcements brought to our attention by bloggers on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a blog post you would like us to share, all you need to do is give us a mention in the announcement post.

The Ireland Blogging community platform is a run entirely as a voluntary project and is free to join. Our primary goal is to provide a convenient platform to help bloggers reach a wider audience.

    We look forward to reading and promoting your Ireland blog posts.

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